Monday, June 2, 2014

My Mori Girl Beginnings......

I have been discovering so much since opening my little shop on etsy.  There is such a wonderful world full of beauty and style and my little laptop has brought me into the lives of so many wonderful people!!!! Since, "going over the hill", I decided that I would wear and dress the way that I wanted to, instead of  the general style of the neighborhood....It all started with my ankle, a weak ankle that I have had since 8th grade when I fell and ripped all of the muscles in it.  I have had problems with it for years, and a couple of years ago, I twisted it yet again, and at that moment, I decided never again!!!! I figured if Victorian women could live in lace up boots, well then so could I.  But, then a dilemma arose..what in the world does one wear with lace up roper cowboy boots???? I had ALWAYS loved the way that the young ladies of the Victorian and Edwardian age dressed, the layers, the lace, the little bloomers and hats and such, I mean what lady can resist Anne Shirley of Anne of Green Gables.    Then a wonderful thing happened....I found on pinterest a wonderful style that has taken those genres, put a wonderful and creative twist on them and sent them out onto the street, in has increased in popularity since the 1970's in Japan, and I absolutely feel in love..Mori Girl!!!! So sweet, lacy and oh so comfortable...and goes with my boots!!! hehehehehe  I started dressing in Mori Girl, and my family and friends like it.   My daughter says that I have finally found my style...and the funny thing is....I have always been this person...even my house is decorated in the romantic, loved vintage layered style.  Full of damask, lace, rose florals, tons of flowers, pink, needle point, vintage furniture, chandeliers, milk glass, vintage dishes, tea cups....oh such lovely things that a homemakers heart dreams of.    All of which I have been collecting since girlhood, from flea markets, yard sales and oh the lovely vintage thrift shops!!!!  I will be sharing with you on my blog all of the lovely vintage things that I love, my creations that I make for my shop and the many blessings the Lord above has blessed me so greatly with...... May the Roses of Life Find You and Cheer You!!!!  Much love, hugs and kisses!!! ~~Angela~~

As Many of you know, my lovely daughter Rebekah is my favorite model...and to me she is Mori Girl!!!!! I simply adore her and my Romantic Mori Girl Style clothes are just perfect on her.  She is a wonderful blessing to me and so sweet too!!!!


  1. Awesome first blog post! Btw, I have made a point to learn more about the enchanting Mori Girl genre, since meeting you. Your blog is beautiful Angela! Many will enjoy learning a bit about the history/development of your distinctive, classy classic, yet one of kind- stunning style & stylings, and offerings. Thank you for sharing, and I look forward to seeing more blog posts from you. By the way, I enjoyed my recent visit to a wonderful world full of beauty and style -also known as your etsy shop yesterday. Outstanding!

  2. Thank you so very much Regina~~~~ You are so good to me and my ego!!!! hehehehehe~~~ Much love, hugs and kisses!!!! You are the best!!!!!