Thursday, December 18, 2014

Blessings of Christmas ~~~

Oh Such a Wonderful Time of the Year...where we can dress in festive clothes, listen with abandon to the beautiful Christmas Songs and Hymns....get to buy gifts for those we love and smile and hug and kisses ourselves into a stupor....I love Christmas, I miss not being able to do all some of the things we use to do.... Make Christmas Cookies, watch more Christmas movies...some of the more special foods...but now the past few years....since my hubby got laid off..things have just not been the same, I adore having my etsy shop Bertha Louise Designs...but it does take almost all of my time....but, I am hoping that these next few days until Christmas day, I will have the funds and the time to got get things to make Christmas Cookies, a Cheese Ball, and our all time favorite treat ....Chex Mix!!!

Funny, how food, is sooo much of Christmas!! The smells of a turkey baking, the cookies the chex mix...oh dear...I am making myself hungry...hehhhee    But even with the shortness of time and funds...God has a way of giving blessings!

Our yard looks so sweet this year, a huge Christmas card painted with the 3 Wise Men with gifts and the town of Bethlehem in the background with twinkle lights for stars and a lovely angel over head....and our neighbor, received a broken Mary, Joseph and Jesus resin figure...Joseph had lost his head...and it was given to us, knowing that I can fix and redo things...and well I used a ton of e6000 and craft paint..and he is good as new...and it looks so wonderful and sweet underneath the protection of some low branches filled with white twinkle lights and a handmade little silver star attached to a iron shepherds crook over the Holy Family.  Yes, the real reason...we celebrate Jesus, his birth, his sacrifice for our souls, to fill our hearts with love, peace, faith and joy...instead of the fear the enemy wants us to have....Yes, God is Good...thank you dear Father for your dear Son!  

I pray that you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!!!  God Bless!

Much love, hugs and kisses, peace, hope and joy!!! ~~Angela~~

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

December....So Lovely!!!

Christmas, My Favorite Time of the Year!!!

 Love and Joy Unto You!
Love, and Christmas Cheer!!!

  Much Love and Joy!!!
Merry Christmas ~~~ Angela ~~