Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Contemplation on Neatness

Today has been a huge lesson...on my "creative mess" as I call it.   I usually know exactly where everything is in my pile of lovely items....but I lost a bag that contained Irish coins for some necklaces and some very lovely cameos....couldn't find it anywhere, tore everything up looking for those lost coins....kinda like the lady in the old testament who cleaned out her whole home to fine that one coin that was lost.    I do have to say this, the last few days, since business is Summer Slow....I have been making a concerted effort to tidy up a bit...much to the joy of my hubby!!!! He is a very patient man, and regularly adds to the piles himself and makes some too..but I have made him very happy in my efforts!!!!  The funny thing is though...I know that I have cleaned, but it isn't showing that organization as much as I would like....Really I need a Brick and Mortar shop or a studio space of my own...one day, if I get really brave I will take pictures and post all of Bertha Louise that is all over the house!!! 

So I am NOT giving up, I WILL not panic when I LOOSE something....and pinterest will be there to calm me with very lovely pictures and inspiration!!!! hehehehehe....God Bless YOU Everyone!!!!

Following:   A few of my roses, from the back yard!!!!! Much love, ~~Angela~~

My lovely coral rose, smells so spicy and sweet lovely!!!

The yellow rose is called Sun Flare, sweet and spicy too!!!

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