Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Anniversary...A Time for Reflection

Yesterday was my hubby Ben's and mine 25th Wedding Anniversary.  So many times you hear the words, where did the time go???  It does seem to go by with lightening speed....I remember that wonderfully perfect June day.  The weather was soft and cool and not too hot or humid...which is an important thing here in the South.   And I wasn't nervous at all....I just kept smiling to myself, I was marrying my best friend...and he still is my best has been a long and very difficult journey, but we are still together.  At times though hurtful events, seemed to devastate us, the loss of two babies, our youngest being so sick when he was little, our middle child having serious health issues.   I have to look back and know that even though we failed in so many areas...God was faithful and has brought us this far...and we are still together, loving each other and our very, very dear children....I pray for continued blessing on my sweet ones!!! I am a proud Mama....and I thank the sweet Lord above for my dear Husband, Ben and the patience he has had with this very, artistically and creative minded individual, who keeps all of her creative elements....everywhere!!!!  He has been wonderful, living in a definitely feminine space and not minding my roses!!!! and who sacrifices so much for us!!!! I love you honey!!!!

I pray that this post finds you happy and full of love in your life!!!! Know that you have a friend in me here.....God Bless!!!  Much love, hugs, and kisses!!! ~~Angela~~

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