Thursday, December 18, 2014

Blessings of Christmas ~~~

Oh Such a Wonderful Time of the Year...where we can dress in festive clothes, listen with abandon to the beautiful Christmas Songs and Hymns....get to buy gifts for those we love and smile and hug and kisses ourselves into a stupor....I love Christmas, I miss not being able to do all some of the things we use to do.... Make Christmas Cookies, watch more Christmas movies...some of the more special foods...but now the past few years....since my hubby got laid off..things have just not been the same, I adore having my etsy shop Bertha Louise Designs...but it does take almost all of my time....but, I am hoping that these next few days until Christmas day, I will have the funds and the time to got get things to make Christmas Cookies, a Cheese Ball, and our all time favorite treat ....Chex Mix!!!

Funny, how food, is sooo much of Christmas!! The smells of a turkey baking, the cookies the chex mix...oh dear...I am making myself hungry...hehhhee    But even with the shortness of time and funds...God has a way of giving blessings!

Our yard looks so sweet this year, a huge Christmas card painted with the 3 Wise Men with gifts and the town of Bethlehem in the background with twinkle lights for stars and a lovely angel over head....and our neighbor, received a broken Mary, Joseph and Jesus resin figure...Joseph had lost his head...and it was given to us, knowing that I can fix and redo things...and well I used a ton of e6000 and craft paint..and he is good as new...and it looks so wonderful and sweet underneath the protection of some low branches filled with white twinkle lights and a handmade little silver star attached to a iron shepherds crook over the Holy Family.  Yes, the real reason...we celebrate Jesus, his birth, his sacrifice for our souls, to fill our hearts with love, peace, faith and joy...instead of the fear the enemy wants us to have....Yes, God is Good...thank you dear Father for your dear Son!  

I pray that you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!!!  God Bless!

Much love, hugs and kisses, peace, hope and joy!!! ~~Angela~~

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

December....So Lovely!!!

Christmas, My Favorite Time of the Year!!!

 Love and Joy Unto You!
Love, and Christmas Cheer!!!

  Much Love and Joy!!!
Merry Christmas ~~~ Angela ~~

Thursday, November 6, 2014

November....Love and Hugs are in the Air

I adore the month of November....always have...maybe because it's my birth month and I always eagerly awaited to see what this birthday will hold...simple things I want now, hugs, smiles, a meal with my family...used to I would dream, a dress, a gorgeous cake, just lots of love, hugs and kisses......yes, I think my birthday may have a bit to do with it...

Another thing, being in the South...FINALLY it is and the heat are not good bedfellows...but ahhhh the coolness of November...all the love I couldn't give out, because it was just soooo hot, too hot to hug,  I now, I can hug with abandon...and want to hug everyone!!!   Cuddling under the covers with everyone in the one bed, laughing, talking, reading, naps, telling stories...hugs and kisses....snoring...hehhehee  The cool vapor on the water, the soft cool breeze upon my face...November....

The leaves of early November...fantastic..I adore the yellows and oranges and reds...those deep glorious burgundy reds that catch fire in the late afternoon sun....breathtaking...there is this one gorgeous Japanese maple a few houses down..that is is the most gorgeously perfect maple tree ever!  Such rich firery shades of burgundy, ruby and red...and flashing in the sun, that perfectly awesome, golden sun of late favorite time of day...setting each leaf off as a stunning gem of natures perfection....sigh

Thanksgiving...that time in November when we all HOPE that everyone can get together and hopefully not fight, that the turkey, dressing and gravy comes out just right....and that we can REMEMBER, despite all of the crazy things that happen....that we should be thankful, are thankful...thankful that we are here, breathing, laughing, getting angry, eating way too much...dishes....pumpkin pie......naps.....leftovers..


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Romantic Jewelry

 Lots of Love went into all of my newest collections....sometimes it takes weeks to discover what a piece of jewelry or floral design is wanting to become...and I love the adventure!  When I see all of my jewels and bits and pieces...I get so excited about what will speak to me next...what will I make right now that speaks to me and hopefully to other women.....I design with love and  with you in mind!


So here are some of the newest items that are being added to the shop....lots of lovely large vintage rhinestone pieces, assemblage pieces made from vintage brooches, a couple of  floral fairy headpieces...I hope you like them...come on by my little shop and say hello...I love company!  Much love, hugs and kisses, ~~Angela~~



Have a Wonderful Day!!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Summer Heat is on it's Way Out ~~~ Coming Soon, the Cool Breezes and Warm Colors of Fall!!!

 I just love the anticipation of the cool change of the air and the golden change of the light that starts in Fall.....when those happen, I take a deep breath and heave a sigh of relief that the heat of Summer is on it's way out...and the cool, glorious weather of Fall is coming...heralding, that glorious time of year, when the leaves change into their wonderful colors, we start wearing our jackets and sweaters again, we eat lovely warm and filling meals and those wonderful family holidays are on their way again!  ~~~  Thanksgiving and Christmas! Oh how I LOVE those! 

God's Blessing to You and Yours!  Happy Fall Ya'll!


The Last Roses of Summer

The Garden Has Been Harvested
The Special Sunlight and Colors of a Glorious Autumn Are On Their Way!!!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Lovely Romantic Mori Girl and Romantic Cowgirl Fashions ~~~ Soon To Come!

I just love designing new clothing from vintage and unwanted fabrics, clothes and laces....I get sooo excited when I come up with a new design and start making something are a few things that I have been working on and will soon have in my shop...have a wonderful day!  ~~Angela~~

I just LOVE making these lovely little bloomers...

Just let me know if there is anything that you like!
Please stop by my etsy shop or facebook page anytime!

Here are some lovely antique brass bobby pins!
Faded Rose Bloomers Anyone?

I just love this little shades of Moss Lace Top!
I adore these sweet Assemblage Earrings....

I love making one of a kind items for you lovely ladies ~~~ I also do custom orders of altered couture Mori Girl, and Romantic Cowgirl Clothing...including Bridal Dresses, Wedding Gowns and Accessories.

 Also LOVE designing and making jewelry....I am just a Romantic at heart and I adore making one of a kind items to make you feel beautiful!  Love ya dear friends! 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Mori Girl....Pink and Roses

Just wanted to share some lovely inspiration photos and lovely Mori Girl items from my shop....I just adore the Mori Girl Style.....Enjoy!!

This Lovely Collage is from Javiercreation...he is fantastic!

This photo is from the Rose Pink Cottage
A Close Up of the Appliques and Pearls that I added!

My Dearest Daughter Rebekah Modeling one of  my Mori Girl Lace Jacket Creations.....
Some Sweet Little Bertha Louise  Mori Girl Bobby Pins!!!

My darlin' Rebekah in Mori Girl Bertha Louise Short Bloomers and layered Mori Girl Lace Tanks....All one of a kind Altered Couture!

Collage by Sylvia Hokke

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Romance in Your Day!

Hello I would like to encourage you to put some Romance into your life.   We all need a bit of Romance and to me the definition of Romance is simply sharing your love with someone or yourself by recognizing and sharing something beautiful, and being thoughtful and kind to others.

Call a loved one yourself a few flowers, or some pretty art papers and make a little collage or decoupage a little box...... have a cool and fruity a wonderful book, or go window shopping on a warm sunny afternoon!  Find that friend you haven't talked with in a long time and send them a pretty little card or sweet little gift.   For your special loved one....give them that special little kiss on the cheek, a hug or a thank you....think of them, smile and do something thoughtful and special just for them!  Romance is a gift we share.......

I love anything that is heart hubby when he goes to the library and brings home lovely home gardening or decorating books just for me!  My youngest son, when he hugs me and calls me "cutie face".   When my oldest son, when he sees that I need a new watch...goes and picks out one that is exactly the one I love and brings it home with such a smile.  My daughter, when she thinks of ways for the two of us to see each other, through projects or simply a short lunch...and always knowing what I want for Christmas or Birthdays and lets the "Guys" know. (hehehe)  For all of the wonderful hugs and kisses that are my greatest gift and for the Love the Lord Above Gives me each day in sooo many ways! 

Be looking for the Romance and Love, it's there.....take a deep breath, close your eyes, take that moment and think of the beauty of a rose, the softness of a warm breeze in the spring, the twinkling of the Night Time Summer Sky full of lightening bugs....Romance, a will of the spirit,  a mindset, and a sense of thankfulness!  These are my gifts to you dear friends, the encouragement to think of love and beauty, the sharing of ideas and my love to you!  God Bless You Today! 

The lovely collage is by my facebook friend Javier!!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Geez It's HOT!!!!

I love Summer, well because I LOVE Roses....but other than that,'s just too darn hot!!!  I know that you guys don't know about this, but I inherited my Grandmother's 1982 Ford Granada, and I adore my car....but she does not have one very important thing anymore ~~~ AIRCONDITIONING~~~  and she sure gets hot.  

I have one remedy that I use, I have a little blue spray bottle that I keep in my purse, and everyone in the car uses it to spray ourselves down, and the moving air going through the car with the windows down, ahhhh, it's more lovely than airconditioning, the wind hitting our skin just sprinkled with little droplets of water....very nice....BUT, and this is a big BUT, when we have to stop at red lights and sit in the's just awful.

Owning an older car...has it's plusses and it's minuses...plusses, no car payment, no computer to go wrong, inexpensive insurance and really low car tag...

Minuses, pretty awful gas mileage, no air conditioning, and well the repairs from time to time...

But the one thing that I feel is the biggest plus is.....well she is just plain cool....I mean how many 1982 Ford Granadas are there around anymore?  And running pretty good too....she is a straight 6 cylinder engine, she is an expensive carburetor, (not fuel injected, so no computer)...and newly bought white wall tires.

I have a short story about those tires....I have needed new tires for a while, and I REALLY wanted some white wall tires, and all of the tire places said that they are expensive and my hubby said well, no.....and I was really disappointed...but you know what?  God is good!  My hubby works for an Autoparts/Repair place and they had some discounted discontinued tires, in my size and he bought them~~~~I mean, who would not take 4 tires for $120?   And so I was resigned to the fact that I would never be able to get my little car, my much desired white walls....

Until we went to get them mounted, I had noticed blue on the tires, but it just didn't register...and the gentleman came out to see the tires and write down what we wanted done, and he asked "Did you want the white walls in or out?" 

He probably thought I was nuts, that poor man!  I got so excited, I grabbed his arm and was like.."Whitewalls?" and "Thank you Jesus!"  To me, that is a wish from my heart being fulfilled.....So why would I ever doubt that God loves me, that He won't take care of me and mine, if he cares so much to give me the whitewalls that I wanted so desperately and at such a great deal too! I mean it's really such a small thing~~~~

"For every good and perfect gift comes from above"  James 1:17

 The lovely advertisement of the period for my car~~

A Picture of the exact model that I have....mine looks just like this one!!!!  Buttercream vanilla with a vinyl top!  Love my girl!!!

I know that this an unusual blog for a lady doing a life style and fashion and jewelry design blog...but well...she's my baby and I did say that I would share my dreams....and getting this one all fixed up properly is one of my dreams....and whitewall tires are a step in the right up....paint job and a new vinyl roof.....

Much love, hugs and kisses!!! ~~Angela~~