Saturday, May 31, 2014

This is what I love about my dear daughter, Rebekah, she is such a sweetie and a truly creative person, she dons the Mori Girl persona quite easily and is perfectly charming in it!!! She is my favorite model~~~~she is the face of Bertha Louise Designs~~~~Loving, beautiful and truly inspiring!!!! AND a great sense of humor with loads of personality!!!!!

Friday, May 30, 2014

Welcome To Bertha Louise Designs

Here are my lovely Daughter Rebekah and Myself, she is such a wonderfully sweet young lady and the perfect Mori girl model, well perfect model for any style actually!!!!
Here following is a bit about me and my calling.....

My Nana, Bertha Louise, was an inspiration to me as a young girl. Her home and all of the lovely things she made had a true sense of Beauty and Southern Elegance and she had such a romantic heart! That is why I named my shop after her.  Because of her, I love vintage and antique things, from houses to furniture, clothing, housewares, and jewelry.  I  would visit her and my senses would just be enthralled with the sweet beauty of her little cottage home, the wonderfully scented yard full of the scent of a humid, perfumed air, featuring gardenia and mimosa...intoxicating!!!  I would walk out side in the hot, humid, Mississippi morning air and it was like walking in perfume!!! Oh so lovely, and the wonderful flowering bushes at her back door!!!  On one side a huge hydrangea bush, so perfectly pale blue and on the other side her gorgeously, huge was heaven!!!!
I  have also fallen in love with Mori Girl and was a Mori Girl years before I knew that it had a name! I love the romantic lace, ruffles and flowers of the style. The style has literally changed my life, the simple sweetness that I believe the Victorian based style expresses....pure love!!!!  And the other side of that Victorian coin,  I have recently discovered too, Steam Punk , that lovely Victorian Science Fiction, genre, that even the media has been picking up on....any one remember the Castle episode, featuring Steampunk...that Nathan?.....He really is so awesome!!!!  I have been inspired greatly by both and feature them, along with a bit more of historically inspired genres, including Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian, Art Deco and Hollywood Glam....and well anything that I find is just plain beautiful and romantic...I just adore, clothing, interiors....etc.

Creating is a way of life for me. I express my passions through painting, sewing, crocheting, floral arranging,  jewelry making, fashion and interior design.

Roses are my favorite flower!!! I am simply enamored of them and you will find me in my garden when I am not designing for my shop or spending time with family and friends. They are such a gorgeous creation, the world laughs in flowers....and roses are that wonderful special laugh that I love!!!!

My blog I hope will be a place to share all that I adore in my life, my wonderful family, dear friends, my loves of creating and sharing my designs ... and my dear sweet Lord above and all of the beauty, grace and mercy He has shown to me, all of this, I wish to share with you! 
Welcome to my world dear friends..... I hope you'll come back to visit often.  Much love, hugs and kisses!!!!