Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Geez It's HOT!!!!

I love Summer, well because I LOVE Roses....but other than that,...it's just too darn hot!!!  I know that you guys don't know about this, but I inherited my Grandmother's 1982 Ford Granada, and I adore my car....but she does not have one very important thing anymore ~~~ AIRCONDITIONING~~~  and she sure gets hot.  

I have one remedy that I use, I have a little blue spray bottle that I keep in my purse, and everyone in the car uses it to spray ourselves down, and the moving air going through the car with the windows down, ahhhh, it's more lovely than airconditioning, the wind hitting our skin just sprinkled with little droplets of water....very nice....BUT, and this is a big BUT, when we have to stop at red lights and sit in the sun....it's just awful.

Owning an older car...has it's plusses and it's minuses...plusses, no car payment, no computer to go wrong, inexpensive insurance and really low car tag...

Minuses, pretty awful gas mileage, no air conditioning, and well the repairs from time to time...

But the one thing that I feel is the biggest plus is.....well she is just plain cool....I mean how many 1982 Ford Granadas are there around anymore?  And running pretty good too....she is a straight 6 cylinder engine, she is an expensive carburetor, (not fuel injected, so no computer)...and newly bought white wall tires.

I have a short story about those tires....I have needed new tires for a while, and I REALLY wanted some white wall tires, and all of the tire places said that they are expensive and my hubby said well, no.....and I was really disappointed...but you know what?  God is good!  My hubby works for an Autoparts/Repair place and they had some discounted discontinued tires, in my size and he bought them~~~~I mean, who would not take 4 tires for $120?   And so I was resigned to the fact that I would never be able to get my little car, my much desired white walls....

Until we went to get them mounted, I had noticed blue on the tires, but it just didn't register...and the gentleman came out to see the tires and write down what we wanted done, and he asked "Did you want the white walls in or out?" 

He probably thought I was nuts, that poor man!  I got so excited, I grabbed his arm and was like.."Whitewalls?" and "Thank you Jesus!"  To me, that is a wish from my heart being fulfilled.....So why would I ever doubt that God loves me, that He won't take care of me and mine, if he cares so much to give me the whitewalls that I wanted so desperately and at such a great deal too! I mean it's really such a small thing~~~~

"For every good and perfect gift comes from above"  James 1:17

 The lovely advertisement of the period for my car~~

A Picture of the exact model that I have....mine looks just like this one!!!!  Buttercream vanilla with a vinyl top!  Love my girl!!!

I know that this an unusual blog for a lady doing a life style and fashion and jewelry design blog...but well...she's my baby and I did say that I would share my dreams....and getting this one all fixed up properly is one of my dreams....and whitewall tires are a step in the right direction...next up....paint job and a new vinyl roof.....

Much love, hugs and kisses!!! ~~Angela~~

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