Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Romance in Your Day!

Hello I would like to encourage you to put some Romance into your life.   We all need a bit of Romance and to me the definition of Romance is simply sharing your love with someone or yourself by recognizing and sharing something beautiful, and being thoughtful and kind to others.

Call a loved one yourself a few flowers, or some pretty art papers and make a little collage or decoupage a little box...... have a cool and fruity a wonderful book, or go window shopping on a warm sunny afternoon!  Find that friend you haven't talked with in a long time and send them a pretty little card or sweet little gift.   For your special loved one....give them that special little kiss on the cheek, a hug or a thank you....think of them, smile and do something thoughtful and special just for them!  Romance is a gift we share.......

I love anything that is heart hubby when he goes to the library and brings home lovely home gardening or decorating books just for me!  My youngest son, when he hugs me and calls me "cutie face".   When my oldest son, when he sees that I need a new watch...goes and picks out one that is exactly the one I love and brings it home with such a smile.  My daughter, when she thinks of ways for the two of us to see each other, through projects or simply a short lunch...and always knowing what I want for Christmas or Birthdays and lets the "Guys" know. (hehehe)  For all of the wonderful hugs and kisses that are my greatest gift and for the Love the Lord Above Gives me each day in sooo many ways! 

Be looking for the Romance and Love, it's there.....take a deep breath, close your eyes, take that moment and think of the beauty of a rose, the softness of a warm breeze in the spring, the twinkling of the Night Time Summer Sky full of lightening bugs....Romance, a will of the spirit,  a mindset, and a sense of thankfulness!  These are my gifts to you dear friends, the encouragement to think of love and beauty, the sharing of ideas and my love to you!  God Bless You Today! 

The lovely collage is by my facebook friend Javier!!!

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