Monday, May 2, 2016


Apologies for being away for sooo long.. my computer crashed... and I am just now getting back on doing everything since I recently got a wonderful new laptop... still waiting on repairs of my old one.. oh well...

Hoping you are doing well and enjoying your Spring... everyone here at Bertha Louise Designs.. aka.. moi.... are doing fine ... finally sewing again, and creating like crazy.. now looking for an assistant, that can help me with photography, listing and social media.... who will for work as a intern....fingers crossed!!!

Enjoy your Spring, stop and smell the flowers.. if you have no flowers ... get some and plant them.. even if in a small clay pot.. it is worth it..Petunias are easy, and inexpensive... I love petunias.. they smell so sweet.. just water them and dead head them and they are good to go... and a little fertilizer doesn't hurt... so hugs, smiles and lots of  love!!! ~~Angela~~

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